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National Commission for Refugees, Migrants, and IDPs (NCFRMI)

National Commission for Refugees, Migrants, and IDPs
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Public forums
Social Media
Human trafficking has several risks including death and exploitation
You can be safe by avoiding persuasion by human traffickers
There are alternatives available such as safe migration
Counselling intending migrants and the rehabilitation of returnees
Enlightening people through town hall meetings and interaction with a various partners and key stakeholders
Holding town hall meetings on opportunities for regular migration, especially in border towns and communities with a high incidence of irregular migration
Publishing and disseminating data on migration statistics over some time
Skill development (Hairdressing, tailoring, and food vending)
Social media and other online platform
The use of ongoing and regular campaigns through effective channels such as radio, social media etc
The use of detailed studies to inform policy, intervention, and campaign decisions