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National Orientation Agency (NOA)

National Orientation Agency
Campus focus Programme
Community dialogue
Community theatre
IEC Materials
Informative songs
Human trafficking is a social ill
Human trafficking has critical dangers including death
There are alternatives to irregular migration
Migration is your right! Only do it the right way!
Beware of the promise of greener pastures overseas. The grasses may only be greener because you far away.
Nigeria is our only Country. Let’s join hands to make Nigeria great
Advocacy visits to community leaders
Collaboration with other agencies such as NAPTIP, Ministry of Information, Women and Youth Productivity, and Federal Ministry of Education
Policy communication with key stakeholders
Re-orientation programs (Change Begins with Me, Fall in Love with Nigeria)
School outreaches which include Campus focus programme
Social media and other online platform
Social mobilization through community engagements and dialogue
Targeting a wide vulnerable population bracket (15 -35)) since by focusing on this group the campaigns become more relevant and targeted

Inclusion of parents as well as children

Tapping the synergistic influence of inter-agency collaboration, which has enabled the organization to capitalize on its limited resources to create a significant impact

Partnering with inter-faith dialogue platform targeting religious leaders from most popular religious leaders in Nigeria