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Senegalese youth & influencers speaking up together against irregular migration


The Migrants as Messenger (MaM) campaign in Senegal is trailing at high speed. Last Tuesday July 13th , the campaign organised an experience-sharing moment between the MaM Volunteers and Senegalese influencers at a campus of the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar. Around 60 young Senegalese adults listened to testimonies from our MaM volunteers on the perils of their journey and the lessons learned; enjoyed two acts of 2 slam poetry before engaging in an exchange with 3 of Senegal’s most popular influencers (Adja Keysha, Drizzy, Dior Birima). The exchange was open and honest and gave the young adults the option to ask any question they might have on how to make it in their own country. the This activity is part of an initiative Echanges Influencers – MAM Volunteers, launched last June, to use renowned influencers as the preferred channel to share the key messages of the MaM project on irregular migration. Given the age of the audience, Senegalese influencers give our sensitisation messages on irregular migration more credibility and impact.  

Also worth noticing is that our MaM Volunteers are the main subject of a documentary series that is being produced. The camera crew followed our MaM Volunteers during the activity while they gave the best of themselves. The result will be available in mid-august.