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Anthony Passeh is a Liberian, age 33. He is a businessman and is determined and hard working. He is willing to share his journey story with potential migrants to discourage them from traveling irregularly.
Mr. Passeh was born 1987, Nov 27. In Monrovia. He is a high school graduate. And also had a diploma in Electrical Engineering. He is single with one child (boy). He left Liberia with an intent to reach Europe but was unsuccessful. He returned to Liberia in 2018 with the assistance of IOM. He had some computer skills. He plays football and love going out with friends.

Returned migrants play a central role as Volunteers in the development, planning and implementation of the Migrants as Messengers campaign.

Through their stories, the learnings from their migratory experiences and their creativity, MaM Volunteers are the principal authors and actors of the campaign. From 2019-2022, a community of more than 300 volunteers across 7 countries will develop and grow. This community will also have access to diversified training and capacity-building opportunities and be invited to regular activities to support the development of an organic and sustainable community. Female engagement plays an important role within the MaM Volunteer community as they will take the lead in shaping women-to-women dialogue sessions and engaging female audiences more generally.