With 40% of the Liberian population being under 15, the country is rich with ideas and innovations introduced by the youth population. Young people in Liberia are commonly eager to learn new skills and transform their energy into durable projects once the opportunity is given to them. The country is currently moving away from the memoirs of the war and the Ebola disease, the light is shining bright on the future of this beautiful coastal West-African country. 

Once iIn Liberia there are two things you cannot miss: the youth population and the love for soccer. Approximately 75 percent of the youth when asked what activity they are interested in answered soccer tournaments. This is based on a survey question we asked in schools, universities and communities in four different counties of the country. We intend to create various inter-school soccer tournaments and community tournaments during which will be able to creatively disseminate awareness-raising messages on the dangers of irregular migration. We also intend to create various competitions such as spelling bees, talent shows, quizzing and other related activities also based also on youth answers. We are working meticulously on building strong partnerships with media houses, local influencers, local networks and every segment that will facilitate the reach of our three main target groups. We are always close to the youth since they are our primary target group, we conduct various  focus groups, survey questions and formal and  informal discussion to understand the best medium to reach them. Lastly, Migrants as Messengers implementation strategy in Liberia follows seven distinct categories.  

The categories being:   

  1. Data collection  
  2. Communication for development implementation,  
  3. Migrants as messengers volunteer team building,  
  4. Building key partnerships,  
  5. Activities planification,
  6. Activities implementation, 
  7. Activities monitoring.  

Based on the seven distinct categories the team takes a Smart approach before the creation and the implementation of key pronounced activities.  


Key Figures

youth outreach
youth outreach initiatives
community events
community events
people reached on the ground
people reached on the ground
people reached on online
people reached online
video produced
videos produced


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