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IOM X – WAKA Well Campaign

International Organization for Migration
Safe migration is a reliable alternative to irregular migration. There exist local opportunities that young people should consider as an alternative to seeking a better life.
Social media and other online platform
The inclusion of an educative and entertaining docudrama, which attracted a significant number of people Inclusion of migrants with lived experiences regarding actual encounters in the campaign programs.

Using a Communication for Development (C4D) participatory approach where community representatives determine the focus of a baseline study that will inform a multimedia awareness-raising campaign. Using the results of the study, the community representatives design the focus of the awareness-raising campaign.

Using multi-channels such as radio, Tv, workshops, and social media

Sharing stories regarding experiences of migrants

Making safe migration information available to vulnerable populations

Informing the targeted population about the existing trusted source of information and the dedicated websites that provided information on alternatives to safe migration and available local livelihood opportunities

Encouraging young people to make informed decisions relating to migration to avoid being subjects of Trafficking in Person