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Not for Sale

National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons
Community dialogue
Stakeholder meeting
Townhall meeting
Young people are not for sale
Safe migration is an alternative to irregular migration
Trafficking in person could be prevented through safe migration
There are dangers associated with trafficking in persons
Developing the capacity and knowledge of young persons to understand that they are not commodities to be sold
Expose them to some of the potentials that abound around them as an alternative to illegal migration.
Sensitization in schools, markets, places of worship
Sharpening the skills and enlighten young persons as well as their parents who are vulnerable to trafficking on the dangers of human trafficking
Showcasing some of the youths who have stood out in Nigeria by saying no to trafficking 
Training and education of vulnerable groups
Using different interventions to enhance the effectiveness of the campaigns
Working with different stakeholders for synergistic advantages