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Gambia Returnees from the Backway Association


Gambia Returnees from the Backway Association (GRB) was founded as a result of the return of youth migrants or returnees from irregular migration.  Commonly known as the “backway”, the association is made up of migrants who ventured on the risky and deadly route to Europe through the unstable and war-stricken Libya.

The association was conceptualized in the prisons of Libya by the migrants and was established on the 15th of May, 2017 upon their return to The Gambia, responding to the great need to sensitize fellow youth and peers in order to discourage youth from taking this dangerous journey. Since we have first-hand information about this journey, our stories and testimonies are crucial during awareness raising and community sensitizations. The association has 50 members, including five females.  

As youth with development-oriented minds, our interventions seek to address issues that hinder youth development, including the backway syndrome. This shall be done through sensitizations, information sharing, community outreach activities, press and electronic media.  As a means to reintegrate returning migrants back into society and generate income, our association also aspires to use agriculture, especially in cultivation of different crops and vegetables and poultry.

  • Gambia Returnees from the Backway Association secured a 200m X 100m plot of land in Berending Village, North Bank Region for the construction of the poultry house and other agricultural activities for the Association. This land is currently serving as a farm.
  • Implemented a three-month awareness raising campaign on irregular migration, employing attaya sessions, caravan, football games in Greater Banjul Area and West Coast Region reaching 2,343 people in 21 communities.
  • Implemented an awareness raising campaign on irregular migration in the Lower River and North Bank Regions, reaching 1,459 in 16 communities.
  • Implemented an awareness raising campaign through beach football in four communities in the West Coast Region and Greater Banjul Area, where 292 people were reached, including returnees 
Areas covered
West Coast Region, Banjul, North Bank Region
  1. Raise community awareness on irregular migration and youth development issues through sharing learning outreach activities.
  2. Provide self-employment opportunities through agriculture in the areas of crop production, livestock management and poultry rearing and agro-related business for self-reliance and sustainable livelihood. 
  3. Encourage and promote cordial relationship and networking with sister associations, organizations and other partners to attain our objectives.
  4. Campaign and hold dialogues with the government and stakeholders to formulate effective policies that support and protect the development of young people.

Meet our team

Mamina Jallow
Mamina Jallow
Muhammed Bah
Muhammed Bah
Amie Cham
Amie Cham
Alhagie Amadou Camara
Alhagie Amadou Camara
Farm Manager
Hatab Touray
Hatab Touray
Public Relations Officer
Pa Mallick Jallow
Pa Mallick Jallow
Lamin Federa



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