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Community Photo Series

The Gambia
Billboard article

COVID-19 has had a slow but steady spread in The Gambia. As misinformation continues to circulate about how one can protect themselves against the virus, Migrants as Messengers volunteers are taking great initiative in promoting correct hygiene and distancing measures. In this photo series, Adama, Amadou, Basiru, Demba, Fatou B., Fatou C., Fatoumatta and Isatou show us the most effective ways to protect ourselves and those around us from contracting the virus—simple yet tested measures we can adopt in our communities. The photos taken were used to create billboards which were spread in the streets of Banjul, The Gambia, to inform on the preventive measures to fight COVID-19, click to see the billboards here. 


Amadou Jammeh: “Protect yourself! Wash your hands frequently for 20-30 seconds with soap” 

billboard 1A



Fatou Cham: “Don’t leave the water running when washing your hands with soap.”

billboard 1b


Demba Sallah: “Need to cough? Always cover your mouth and nose by flexing your elbow” 

billboard 2A


Fatoumatta Ceesay: “Need to sneeze? Always cover your mouth and nose by using a tissue” 

Billboard 2b


Basiru Fadera & Adama Corr: “Avoid physical contact with people. Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from others” 

billboard 3A