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Fatmata: Climbing the hills of her own future in Sierra Leone

Fatmata I. Sesay & Bilal Kamara
Sierra Leone
Fatmata Sierra Leone Migrants as Messengers Migrant

With hopes of finding better jobs and better life, many Sierra Leoneans and other migrants from Sub-Sahara Africa were recruited or trafficked to the Gulf States of Oman, UAE and Kuwait.  However, many migrants faced exploitations, abuse and sexual harassment in the hands of their employers. Some who were able to escape their masters’ houses ended up being derelict on the streets in Oman and Kuwait.  Other migrants with expired visas, managed to gather themselves and crammed into ramshackle apartments chancing their fate as illegal migrants. Without a Sierra Leone embassy in Oman, many Sierra Leoneans migrants in Oman faced looming uncertainty.

Fatmata Kargbo one of the Sierra Leonean migrants that faced manifold misery in Oman. She managed to complete high school and was determined to enter university. Fatmata dreamed of becoming a professional nurse, but her family could not afford to send her to university to pursue her dream, thus, she was left to fend for herself. At the age of 25 Fatmata decided to leave her hometown in Sierra Leone in 2019 for a new life in Oman. She was promised a well-paid job in a hotel for one year which would allow her to return to Sierra Leone and continue her studies. Therefore, she entrusted her life to a trafficker in the hope of reaching a country where she had little or no knowledge about.